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Whether you're new to Mastodon, or wanting to switch to a more intimate server where you can meet other friendly Philadelphians, you're in the right place!
Just fill out the quick form below to request an invite. is semi-open, meaning that any member can invite people, and anybody can contact the mods to request an invite. There is no formal application process or requirements besides agreeing to the CoC.
If you live in the Greater Philadelphia Area, or are "Philadelphia identifying" (aka someone who loves this city, previously lived here and wants to stay plugged into the community, or is thinking about moving to Philly and wants to meet people before you arrive), you're welcome here!
Please help us make this instance inviting and inclusive, and make sure you take a minute to read through our community guidelines here before you join.
- Alex & the mod team
p.s. your contact information will never be sold or traded, and we'll never spam you.
we will only ever contact you with your initial invite, and potentially in the future with important updates to

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